Barista job description: More than just coffee!

Baristas are in charge of preparing hot or cold coffee-based drinks in coffee shops and in bars located inside restaurants and bookshops. The position requires familiarity with the necessary equipment, proper knowledge of company’s recipes as well as good interpersonal skills to offer clients the best coffee experience they can have in the area. If you think this type of job is for you, read the barista job description to gain further insight into its requirements and selection criteria.

Short barista job description

In single-location cafés or in one of the subsidiaries of large café chains, the baristas are the people who bring sun-shine in a cup of coffee. Their job involves preparing a variety of coffee-based beverages and teas following the company’s unique recipes. They serve the drinks, recommend drinks to new clients, promote new recipes, keep the serving area neat and clean and supply the production area with all the necessary ingredients. Warm and friendly, the barista may also serve snacks and sweets which can successfully accompany their fresh and savory coffees. Fresh juice preparation or cake baking may also be included in the barista job description.

Barista tasks and requirements

2015 Barista Job Description
Barista is a term derived from the Italian word for “bartender”. However, their role is primarily preparing and serving coffee, tea and coffee-based drinks. Side activities related to this job are also specified in the barista job description. Below there is a complete list of the duties associated with this position.

  • Greet persons entering the café, ask about their preferences and recommend them the products/drinks which best suit them;
  • Prepare and serve the drinks according to company’s recipe and/or client’s directions;
  • Offer clients advice regarding coffee blend, grinding and preparation and instruct them onto how to obtain best coffee drinks at home;
  • Weigh and grind roasted beans coffee for clients;
  • Clean and sanitize the equipment, the working area and the sitting area in accordance with the current sanitary rules;
  • Periodically check the equipment and ask for fixing or replacement when malfunctions are observed;
  • Order and pay for supplies necessary for the drink preparation;
  • Receive payment from clients for the products served;
  • Wrap and label the products which are sold;
  • Bake cakes and biscuits and prepare salads if the location serves such products;
  • Train new baristas for smooth accommodation and efficient collaboration.


The barista position is suitable for part-time job, as it offers a flexible schedule which can perfectly blend with college necessities, for example. Most of the action takes place in the morning, when people come for the wakening coffee. The consumption of coffee-based drinks decreases through the day, so the barista may have the afternoons free or alternate free with working afternoons when the location requires at least one barista at work all day long. The barista job description does not mention extra hours, but during busy periods extra help may be needed. Shifts are common in non-stop locations or bars opened until late at night.

Education and experience

The barista job description does not specify any particular specialization for the job, but a college degree is preferable for those applying for this position. While also opened for high school students, the schedule is often restrictive for this category of applicants. A good knowledge of coffee machines and related equipment is a plus and will be taken into consideration. A short on-spot training will, however, be provided to the selected candidate. Those candidates who want to remain in the sector and be promoted on managerial positions will be required a bachelor’s degree in related field.

Previous experience is not required, but will be taken into consideration if listed in the job application.
barista training

Skills and personal features

The barista must have good knowledge of the company’s recipes, coffee types, blends and roasts, must understand what combinations have the most chances of attracting the public in the area and know how to advice people when choosing their drink/coffee. Apart from technical knowledge, they must possess good communication skills, ability to interact with people and multi-tasking, so that clients will wait as little as possible for their perfect drink.

A flexible schedule, a friendly character and ability to work in a team are also required in the barista job description. If you have all these and a strong sense of initiative, head to the next coffee shop and apply for a barista position.