What To Include In A Line Cook Resume

Just like everyone else, line cooks are expected to submit a resume and cover letter in order to be considered for the job. In order to make your resume stand out, you will need to speak directly to the hiring manager via the resume in order to get noticed. Creating a successful application requires that you highlight your skills and qualifications and make a strong case for why you should be considered. Here are some key ideas to include in a line cook resume.

The Basics: What Every Resume Should Address

Every resume should include basic contact information. Make sure that the prospective employer can easily get in touch with you to arrange an interview. Depending upon when you completed your education, you should follow up with any culinary programs of study and your experience. If you have been working for a long time, you may wish to lead with your experience.

It is vital that you list your skills and any specialized experience that you are bringing to the table. Line cooks are the right-hand of the sous chef. If you can demonstrate that you have mastered the basics and have an understanding of more advanced techniques, the head chef may feel that you would be an asset to his or her kitchen.

Best Line Cook Resume

Soft skills are important in every job and the hectic and stressful environment of a commercial kitchen makes them especially vital. List your abilities to work as a member of a team. Give line cook resume reviewers a chance to see that you understand the internal dynamics of a busy restaurant or catering facility.

Preparing Your Line Cook Resume

In order to create a resume that will stand out you should make two separate lists. In the first list, write down the line cook skills that you have mastered or are currently working on. In the second list, write down the skills that the advertisement is calling from. Once this is complete, compare the two to see where you stand.

It is rare that any applicant will have all of the listed skills. Highlight your strengths especially when they are also listed as requirements for the job. Potential employers know what they are looking for and will schedule an interview with you if they see how well your skills match with their needs.

Show a logical progression of increasing skill levels through your previous employment and stress your understanding of safe food handling practices. If your first job in a restaurant had limited duties, prove that you are capable of learning more by listing the additional skills you learned in succeeding positions.

Skilled line cooks can be easily overlooked if they don’t make a strong case for employment within their resume. Don’t be afraid to seek expert help with your resume once you have created a list of skills. Resume writing specialists understand that the use of active voice and a well laid out resume can significantly increase your chances of landing an interview.